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[ACTIVE] xim apex flashing yellow and disconnecting  (Read 149 times)

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hey i got a series x afew weeks ago everything was working fine intill last few days experience random disconnects my xim apex flashes yellow and disconnects 3-4 times in a row then works fine again for about 2 hours and repeats can this be cause by low batteries in my new xbox series x controller should i remove them when using xim apex?
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Re: xim apex flashing yellow and disconnecting
« Reply #1 on: 05:33 PM - 02/05/21 »
Yes, power is one thing that can do this. Does it help to retry with the controller battery removed? If you have spare data cables it may help to test others with the controller.

Could you please share your setup so we can learn more about the issue? Please include both the brand and model.

extras: extended usb cables, third party usb hub, usb switch, titan or cronus device?
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