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PS5 & XIM Apex - use the Hori Fighting Commander for flawless performance  (Read 3299 times)

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I can't confirm the apex is driving the profile changes, but the Logitech G502 mouse was switching profiles and subsequently changing dpi settings.  I blew away all the alternate profiles and settings and have been running clean for a 1/2 hour..

Thanks for the help.   


this sounds like your mouse dropped its DPI level or you move the mouse faster than the maximum turnspeed of the game.
Maybe the mouse has DPI buttons that you clicked, or it has a certain button-press sequence than when clicked will change the DPI value. Id recommend to check the mouse manual for that to double check if that is the case.

You can also try it in different games or with a brand new XIM config @ no changes to verify that its not your XIM settings.

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Thank you - yes, I managed to work this one out. :)

On a different note - do you know when Smart Translators for PS5 might come out?

Hello is your up and down mouse movement good? With me left and right is fine but up and down zig zags when I move it.

I play warzone.

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Just curious, don't have a PS4/PS5 or Xbox One - but I use my xim apex on PC, and was wondering should this hori fighting commander work flawlessly on the PC Xim Apex? Would only be used for Warzone/Apex Legends