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Fix for weird Input Translator behavior at high sensitivities  (Read 349 times)

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I found a solution to the behaviors of Input Translators. Go through all the games and find one with an Axis that is the same for X and Y. Otherwise, you are going to have problems when you flick your wrist because the input translators will keep going in the other axis when one reaches its hardware cap. I must warn you to test your ballistics curves at 50, if you get disportions, you won't notice problems unless you are at the high hill of the ballistics curves. This is an easy fix if you could just cap the other analog X/Y axis when one gets to maximum analog acis throttle, instead of slowing both, you get erratic aim. I had to use the Gotham City: Imposters Input Translators. Unless Apex Xim supports abnormal X and Y translators a little better and adds features for them, you will continue to see problems at 120fps games and near the peak of ballistics curves. Good luck guys.