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Problem with Asus Rog Chakram  (Read 116 times)

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Problem with Asus Rog Chakram
« on: 08:48 AM - 01/13/21 »
Hello everybody.
I have a problem with my xim apex and my Asus Rog Chakram mouse.
When I connect it to the xim apex it makes a permanent movement in the game.
On the app it indicates J: Up permanently. Anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?
Is the mouse incompatible?
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Re: Problem with Asus Rog Chakram
« Reply #1 on: 12:13 PM - 01/13/21 »
Welcome to the community. With expert mode enabled in Manager's menu-global settings please go to the Analog section of your config and unassigned everything in this section.

Some devices have joystick functions assigned to them by the manufacturer. These usually are picked up with constant input from the joystick side of the device so it can block the device from working. If the advice above fixes the problem then the only downside to using this mouse is that you won't be able to use other analog devices like a Sony Nav.

Please let me know if this helps if you have a chance, I can update our hardware compatibility list to include notes on the device.
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