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Looking for a wireless mini keyboard or one-hand keyboard  (Read 346 times)

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Hello, I am looking for a wireless mini keyboard or a one-hand keyboard?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Looking for a wireless mini keyboard or one-hand keyboard
« Reply #1 on: 06:09 AM - 01/05/21 »
I use this, if you can still find one.

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Re: Looking for a wireless mini keyboard or one-hand keyboard
« Reply #2 on: 04:17 AM - 01/15/21 »
I don't think there's anything like a wireless G13 or Tartarus/Orbweaver right now but there are wireless number pads.  For affordable options you can search "wireless mechanical number pad" on Amazon and pick up something like this:


If you're interested in building something (and comfortable with soldering and whatnot) then you can build a custom wireless numerical keypad, macropad, or split keyboard and that would give you ultra low latency, high build quality, customizability, etc. The parts/kits exist already and there's many builds to copy on the popular mechanical keyboard forums and subreddits.  Expect to spend $200+ if you go this route but the result will be awesome.

Of course you could just get a wireless 60% mechanical keyboard instead. There's plenty of those readily available.

Regardless of which option you go with, make sure you get something that supports 2.4Ghz wireless and not just Bluetooth.
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