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Confirmed XBOX Series X Crash + Fix  (Read 261 times)

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Confirmed XBOX Series X Crash + Fix
« on: 04:51 AM - 01/04/21 »
Hi team,

I have been enjoying the XIM for a couple of years now and can't live without it ;) so I was overjoyed when the XIM APEX was immediately compatible with the XSX.

I did however found out that when using the XSX controller with firmware 20201201 my XSX crashes while playing games (primarily happened with Destiny 2). Because I never thought the XIM APEX could cause this I opened up a support ticket with Microsoft but as last resort I hooked up the XBOX One controller and that fixed my XSX from crashing. I have been playing for several days with the XOX controller without crashing so I am quite certain the issue is related to the new XSX controller.

Just wanted to get this out in case you want to investigate.

Should there be any questions please let me know.

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