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Audio "Issues" with Xbox Series X (probably also applicable for other consoles)  (Read 386 times)

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As everyone knows there is no optical output anymore on the new Gen.
Means in order to continue using devices which require it for instance a sbx g6, x7 and other similar devices a solution would be to use a HDMI audio extractor (important here is to find one which at least supports 120hz for 1080/1440p or 60hz for 4k).
Now here comes to issue, at least I was unable to solve it.
It helps when "receiving" sound on your headphone, but to be able to use a microphone (I have headphones with separate mic, a modmic) this isnīt working...also regulating the volume via the SBX G6 wasnt working at all. I tried to plug in my mic into the xbox controller and the headphone to the g6, also not working.
If both is plugged into the xbox controller with an adapter it works...same tried with with a fidelio x2 and a vmoda boompro...

So actually is there any proper way to be able to use my headphone setup (AKG K702 + Modmicv5 and Fidelio X2 + Boompro) on a XBSX via my Soundblasterx G6 or do I need to reconsier either buying a USB Headset or use it via the controller? Also it seems the sound is much better on the new gen vs the prior...but still itīs frustrating to see my gear being limited this way...

Especially a quesrtion to alan and/or antithesis and Od1n...Others are more than welcome to discuss, too :)