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Logitech g502 hero dpi upgrade and surface cloth?  (Read 301 times)

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Hi guys
So I recently got my xim apex to be used with my ps5 and cod cold war.
Currently I'm using venom x mouse which is from a smililar kb mouse adapter. The mouse has 8000 dpi at 1000 hz Pollen. (not consistent)
However I Configured my apex to be the same as xim central showing on YouTube for cod cold War. However the feeling is not there yet. 
So now i found a logitech g502 hero mouse cheap. Getting it next week. I see this mouse is very popular. 
Now my question is :

1. Should I upgrade the mouse fw so it supports 25k dpi?  I've seen a YouTube use it with apex on cod cold War.

2. Should I get a mouse pad? If yes which one?  Currently I use my table, it's very precise with my venom x mouse.