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attempting to isolate the problem of hardware, Is it a question of motherboard?  (Read 298 times)

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I have a desktop with LGA 1150 setup:

I7 4790 Intel Core

H97M-ITX/AC Asrock

HyperX Savage Red 16GB Kit from Kingston

Geforce GTX 970 OC Gigabyte

Evo 250GB Samsung 850.

2TB WD Red

M12II 620W EVO seasonic

There's a few comments here, but not every time it is frustrating to recreate the problem:

- For no reason the pc will freeze... (Even though it doesn't do anything), it'd be all right for days and until it freezes,

- So for a moment, if it did not plug the power pin cable (sometimes not working as well it would not power up.

- Sometimes the PC doesn't start when I connect the sata hdd

- When the USB is inserted, the pc will freeze, but after some time this problem was not caused.

I did what I did to try and isolate the problem:

- New CM 80 plus Golden SPU swap, same problem

- CPU, GPU and ram load checking. But there is no mistake.

- Mainboard Bios Changed

It doesn't look like a problem with software

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First thing id try is a fresh windows install and failing that. check what sort of voltage thats coming off of your components.