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🤔The new xbox one core controller won't link. 🤔  (Read 537 times)

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The problem is I can't get the xbox controller to link to the app in my phone and use the mouse with the game I I tend to play, Pubg on xbox one.  Please help. I Rtc an xbox one S, am using the new xbox core controller, these have a usb c so I have a USB C to USB 3.0 sync cable to port three in the usb hub, in port two I have the red dragon s101 keyboard, and port one I have the s101 mouse. I have downloaded the most recent firmware and the manager to my phone, and I hard reset the xbox and unplugged it for ten minutes. Still nothing. Please help.
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Re: 🤔The new xbox one core controller won't link. 🤔
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Welcome to the community. When you refer to the "core" controller do you mean the one that comes with Xbox Series X/S? If so, can you please install our Beta here?: http://xim.tech/beta
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