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New solutions to lot of old requests ( edit offline, more saves, download)  (Read 140 times)

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Hi !
Sorry for my English (not my language)
I have an idea that could perhaps make the xim apex far more easy to use ( no need to watch a lot of videos, or to be familiar with computers, or to do long and specific configurations for some games) and for you, that will decrease the number of video or tuto or discutions on forum you have to do.

I think it could be easy to do all that ( I often see it in request for a long time):

-To be able to have far more games saved ( because if we often change games we play ( problems of the ps+...) we don’t have enough slot... so we have each time to delete one, and create an other one, and do a complete configuration... and it is long)
-To be able to edit config when xim is off.
-to be able to share ( download , upload ) compete configuration ( with for example curve, recoil....) so possibly to download clear config of a new game ( same a new game now) but also download all your config, and also download all configurations stored buy users on the server. ( like that, you will don’t need anymore to do videos to explain how to have good movement for destiny 2 or hyperscapes, or other...)

Using the phone memory, not to save all the configurations each times.... but just to be able to save , overwrite or see only one, only the configuration game stored in slot 0 on the xim ( when xim is on)

-currently we have 24 game slots on xim
-after new version :
          Create slot 0 : the exchange slot !
          So we have 23 game slot and slot 0 for exchange with phone app. ( and in fact slot 0 is also a game slot that can be used as the others)

How will it works :
- Slot 0 is used to exchange complete game settings ( all the configuration, including curve...)
- It can be used to export to phone, or to import from phone.
- Remark: slot 0 can be use also as a regular game slot.
- Remark: for people that doesn’t want to use that, it change nothing in fact.

Remark about Bluetooth transfert:
I imagine that a complet upload from the phone to the xim of only one game configuration with Bluetooth could be quite long ( because they are complete, with all parameters, all curves, all recoil reducer, everything ...), but it is sure far less long than to delete an old one,  to download a blank configuration for a game, and then to bind the actions, and after find all the sensibilities and after for some games ( like destiny 2) to do specific things to turn faster ... and after to create for example recoil reducer ( if you like to cheat... it is not my case, but I understand).

Changes on the app:
-Step 1: App launch.( no change)
-step 2: If xim not connected: try to connect.( no change )
-step 3: If xim connect: same as before ( no change)
Change on the menu in the upper right corner:
Add « phone memory »

If phone memory selected:
Now, blank page, and new menu on the upper right Conner with:
-Save xim slot 0 game on phone
-Save xim other game slot on phone .( then you have to select one on xim)
-See slot 0 game stored on xim ( mainly to avoid to erase a useful config, that was not saved before)
-Overwrite slot 0 game on xim, by a game configuration saved on the phone ( and than you select one)
-New config ( same as now, but on the phone)
-Edit  config ( same as now, but on the phone)
-Manage configs ( same as now, but on the phone)
-download xim community configuration
-upload one of your configuration to the xim community. ( then select one)

-Step 3: if xim doesn’t connect
Directly go to the phone memory page.
( load, save, see in the menu will be grey and not accessible as long as xim is not connected, but edit, download, upload, create, manage, will be accessible )

What do you think about that ?
Is it possible and not too hard and too long to do ?

And I would like to thank you, you and if you have , your team, because you do a really good job. Everything here is interesting. And the xim apex is perfect !

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After all that, if download and upload of complet config from community is easy to do, the next steep is to find them easily and avoid configurations.

So for each config we will need meta data to find them:
-Consol (select PS3, ps4, ps5, Xbox 360,Xbox one ...)
-Game name ( select in same list as new games . But add “not officially supported games or variante using alpha beta....”)
-Only for “not officially....” add the config used ( apha, beta, etc etc... or the initial game configuration used in the current list of new games ( example for me, I create a game setting to play planet side 2, and for that I added new game and I used far cry 5 model ) and after that, write the name of the real game used. ( so in my example , I select “not officially.....” then I select “far cry 5” and then I write “planet side 2”)
-mouse used ( all mouse supported by xim : selection between Logitech g602, razor xxxx, trust master yyyy,....)
-dpi setting of the mouse
-pool rate mouse / application ( 1000hz, 500hz...)
-keyboard or controler ( list with all device supported : keyboard, switch joycon, ps move joycon, Xbox 360 controler....)
-Extra / add on / cheat : add at least 10 case with selection : fast turn run, fast turn sparrow, recoil reducer for automatic weapon, recoil reducer for manual or semi automatic weapon, fast aiming and stop breath, fast jump crouch and aim ....consol controler completely maped to the xim connected controler, and other ( if other or consol controler completely blabla selected, people can write in a new box a description)

For example, for me
Far cry 3
Xbox 360 controler ( take with one hand, used as a joycon in fact, to use analog movements with the stick and the digital cross, and option and start)
Extra : Xbox controler completely mapped identically as the ps4 controler.

And to be fully exchangeable, easily, we could add for each mouse, a standard configuration to show how is bind the mouse ( for mouse with more than 3 button and a roll)...
It is just a suggestion, to allow people to have the same things... like that configurations will be simple with only few changes...

For exemple , for g602 for azerty config, we could do that as standard pattern:
Button g8 : space
Button g7 : c
Big button on the left side of the mouse : r
Button g5: f
Button g4 : t
Wheel push on le left : a
Wheel push on the right : e
Button g9: or used to change mouse dpi, or mapped to a key that is not often used in games like “u”( for exemple to be bind for change config on xim)
But I chose that because a use a mouse and a Xbox 360 controler, for people that use keyboard, sure they prefer other mapping.

Or like people doesn’t use the same keys if azerty or qwerty, we could bind the key on the mouse with 4 to g4 button, 5 to g5 button... like that , azerty or qwerty, has the same works to do....

Or we could map on it keys rarely used in games with keyboard. ( I think it could be the best thing to do... but I don’t know the touch not often used  with azerty and qwerty keyboard during games)