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Dpi works only in windows and not in-game for Apex legend with XIM  (Read 261 times)

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Hi Guys first topic ever so be nice  8)

my dpi won't work in game for Apex Legend on PC, works just fine in windows. I Have done the following.

1. Latest firmware and tried factory reset.
2. Onboard-memory with Logitech software.
3. tried 12K dpi and 3200k dpi still nothing happens still slow.

All help is appreciated.

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DPI needs to be stored to the mouse's on-board memory. This is easy to confirm in Logitech Gaming Software, but Logitech G-Hub is a mess of an app and it's more difficult to save on-board.

There are guides on the forums for how to save to on-board using G-Hub.

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