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Playstation convert seeking advice  (Read 292 times)

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Playstation convert seeking advice
« on: 02:49 PM - 10/24/20 »
I've owned every Playstation since the orignal. I had a 360 but sold it after frequent hardware issues with the red ring. I liked the 360, but have stayed loyal to Sony otherwise. With Sony totally botching the pre-orders for the PS5, I decided if I can get a Xbox Series X with ease, I'd switch this generation (though possibly still getting a PS5 later). Turns out it was pretty easy to get one the Xbox so I have one on pre-order. Now that I have the system coming not too far away, I'm having a hard time getting excited for it. None of the launch games seem very appealing. I don't want a bunch of last gen games "optimized" for next gen. Why should I be looking forward to this system over the PS5 on launch day? Am I missing something here? Honest question - looking for some helpful feedback. Thanks!

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Re: Playstation convert seeking advice
« Reply #1 on: 05:16 PM - 10/24/20 »
The biggest reason, from a XIM perspective, is simply compatibility. XIM APEX will almost certainly work for all games on XBSX due to forward & backwards controller compatibility. APEX may work for PS4 games on PS5, but DualSense PS5 game compatibility is unknown.

XIM Smart Translators have better microaim control on Xbox due to 16-bit stick resolution vs Sonyís 8-bit. XBSX has better system hardware specs than PS5, XBL has long been touted as the better network vs PSN, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a cracking deal for Xbox & PC gamers...thereís a lot to like about Xbox this time around.

Iíve owned both a 360 and an XB1 since day one, but my MS consoles have barely been touched in favour of PS3 and PS4. I will get an XBSX and PS5 this generation, but am likely to swap to Xbox as my shooter main.

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