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[Q/A] Leaning not registering?  (Read 183 times)

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[Q/A] Leaning not registering?
« on: 05:39 PM - 10/19/20 »
I just bought my xim apex 3 days ago and everything works perfect beside the leaning. I use q and e for leaning and when they are pressed relatively fast the leaning just doesnít register. People have said that Ubisoft puts a limit on the leaning so people arenít lean spamming but sometimes it doesnít work even when he button isnít being spammed. Iíve watched several videos and they lean left and right Just fine. Iím currently using the Razer deathadder essential along with the Razer cynosa lite. Please help
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Re: Leaning not registering?
« Reply #1 on: 02:18 AM - 10/20/20 »

please bind your leaning buttons to the mouse and test if you run into the same issues. Some keyboards have rollover issues where if you press too many keys at the same time an additionally pressed key will either not be registered or with a certain delay. A lot of razer keyboards had this issue in the past, im not sure about your specific keyboard but its worth a test to see if it also happens when binding those two actions to the mouse instead.
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