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Button to pick up item but also shoot.  (Read 59 times)

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Button to pick up item but also shoot.
« on: 06:03 AM - 10/18/20 »
Is there away I can say pick up item with left mouse button (square on PS4) and also you left mouse to shoot? Maybe using a delay value perhaps?

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Re: Button to pick up item but also shoot.
« Reply #1 on: 04:49 AM - 10/22/20 »
You could using an AUX and holding or toggling an Activation key. The left mouse button would be bound to R2 on HIP & ADS, but to Square on the AUX.

In most games I bind Square to scrollwheel up for Reload (itís safe to move the index finger as you never shoot & reload concurrently) as well as double-binding Square to middle-click for hold actions.

In some games Iíll retain scroll up for Reload, but double-bind the hold to a kb key, e.g to Shoot and rez concurrently in Destiny 2.

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