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COD BO Cold War Visibility Setting  (Read 176 times)

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COD BO Cold War Visibility Setting
« on: 01:49 PM - 10/13/20 »
One of the ways to improve visibility in MW2019 was to turn on the deuteranopia setting. In most games this either only changes colors of the HUD element or it rebalances colors to help people with the condition. In MW2019, however, it just saturated all the colors making the game look more vibrant, much easier to spot enemies, and just better looking overall.

It works the same way in CODBOCW. Though, it can be argued that unlike MW2019 CODBOCW doesn't really need it and it might be too over saturated depending on your taste. Worth giving it a try, especially if you're not 100% satisfied with your display's color setting.
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