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Going Wireless with the Apex ⚡  (Read 1053 times)

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Going Wireless with the Apex ⚡
« on: 12:42 PM - 09/27/20 »

I am currently using the XIM APEX with the Razer Tartarus and the Logitech G502.

As I am playing on the main TV with the Controller, I only use the XIM APEX sporadically. The problems are the cables who are all over the floor. Now I want to change to Wireless.

My preferred Mouse would be the Logitech G903 but for the Keyboard I need some help.
I was watching the compatible list but it doesn't show which one is wireless.
Does anyone of you guys use a wirless Keyboard? Preferably like the style of the Razer Huntsman Mini. (so no Numpad and Home block)

Are the wireless dongles simply connected to the XIM hub?
thanks for the help
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Re: Going Wireless with the Apex ⚡
« Reply #1 on: 10:00 AM - 09/28/20 »
Yes, are you correct, the dongle will plug directly into the hub. Concerning feedback on wireless keyboards, hopefully someone will be able to give you some feedback on what would work best.
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Re: Going Wireless with the Apex ⚡
« Reply #2 on: 10:51 AM - 10/08/20 »

I dont use a wireless keyboard by my own but I read a really interessting article about it. They compare different products and describe wich one fits. Maybe it will help you.

https://www.technikhiwi.de/funktastatur-test/ (The article is in German but you can easily translate it with the automatical Translation of Chrome or Google Translator)

Greetings from Germany ;)