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Anti recoil xbox rainbow six siege  (Read 583 times)

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Anti recoil xbox rainbow six siege
« on: 04:41 PM - 02/10/21 »
Xbox One X Rainbow six Siege. In the movement section I try to set the percentage value of antirecoil with the mouse left activation key but in the game, unless it exceeds the value of 25 percent, no downward movement is activated. For example, with a value of 10 percent pointing the viewfinder and keeping the mouse still, holding down the left mouse button the viewfinder does not move downwards but remains motionless, if instead I move the mouse downwards myself, always in mode of aiming (as to manually control the recoil) the sensitivity averted is enormously greater than that set. I tried resetting the xim, installing the latest firmware, even bought a new controller. I followed the tutorial on YT to the letter. Thank you
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Re: Anti recoil xbox rainbow six siege
« Reply #1 on: 03:15 AM - 02/11/21 »
Hey, this is due to the ingame deadzone of the aiming mechanic and scope that you use. Either try a different scope or switch to the other aiming mechanic (classic - updated) and see if that gives you better results. Make sure to use the correct XIM config then as there is one for classic and updated. Also you have to use the recommended XIM deadzone settings, if you did any changes to them to for example customize your walking speed then you have to undo that.
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