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XIM APEX Comfortable Hip and ADS profile  (Read 579 times)

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XIM APEX Comfortable Hip and ADS profile
« on: 12:14 PM - 09/01/20 »
Whats up guys. im pretty new to the kbm and XIM community, I've been boarding for about 4 months,and ive tinkered with various configs curves, etc,but i think i have a config that can help new users get more comfortable with there xim. Ive read through a bunch of admin and others posts on configs and tried them but, everyone has there preferences. I can say that RML has not let me down yet, and i plan on him to, probably the best curves and configs for any game.

I was messing around with my ADS config one day trying get a better feel because when your ADS and shooting its a different sens. The ADS was either to tight or too much movement while i had i medium(pushing more to high) sens on my HIP. So i thought darn it Swxft what can i do because i had been getting pretty tired of it and BAM. It hit me to swap my button for the ADS to the fire button. So what this does is changes to your ADS sens when while your shooting your weapon, versus in sights of it, that means the opposite for your original ADS it becomes the HIP now. So this will help you control  your ADS a lot better while you fire your weapon, that is what most of xim users seem to like, and are looking for.

If someone could help me post the pics that would be cool, its easier to look at then read lol