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Path of exlie ST  (Read 344 times)

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Path of exlie ST
« on: 05:59 AM - 08/14/20 »
Hello guys i saw that we dont have path of exile st..any suggestion which st to use for this game??
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Re: Path of exlie ST
« Reply #1 on: 03:09 PM - 08/14/20 »
STs are only made for first or third person shooters. You can try the Console Crossover config, or one of the generic STs at the bottom of the list.

Game controls in action RPGs on console perform very poorly with m/kb - itís not point, click or drag, itís swipe swipe swipe click swipe swipe swipe click...aiming is far easier using a controller that can be held in a specific direction, which you canít do with a mouse on XIM (unless using Turn Assist, which will create inaccuracy).

Iíd argue that controllers are much better to use for Diablo III, Path of Exile etc than m/kb on PC. There arenít as many 1-click selection options, but wheel menus feel right on console. The primary constraint is the control scheme used by ARPG games on console more than the method of input and that canít be changed by using a XIM.
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