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[ACTIVE] Xim apex manage in androidr keeps on crashing after firmware update  (Read 46 times)

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Hello. Its been a while since i used this device. I updated firmware and downloaded latest configs. Since then my xim apex manager in android keeps on crashing. I wanted to try it in modern warfare 2019. I had a weird feeling that config in this causes my xim managee to crash because i can see the configs in xim manager pc but not in xim manager Android. Enlighten me pls
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You may have a config that is no longer supported. If your config uses a ST that doesn't exist online then Manager may crash. It shouldn't crash if you don't open or use the latest version of Manager, it sounds like your PC uses an older version or database.

To fix the issue the issue you could remove the problem config or APEX could be factory reset using the latest flash tool instead. Be sure to update your PC Manager and it's game library too.

You can find the latest firmware and Manager linked below. Please read the instructions on the download page.

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