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Apex Legends: 4k Badge & 20-kill Badge? Coaching?  (Read 333 times)

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Hi there,

I play Apex Legends sine Season 3, i am Level 280 and i feel that i can not get any better...:-(

I spend a lot of time finding my perfect Settings, but my record on kills in one game is 9.
My Damage-Record is 2300.
Normaly, i make about 1-3 kills in a round, sometimes more, sometimes less...

Now i have some questions and hope any of you better players can answer my that:

1. Do you think it is possible to get the 20kill- and 4k Dmg-Badge without using a Titan Two / cronus Zen?
I thought about to buy a Titan Two, but i dont wanne have another device i have to configure.
I addition to that, Titan Two is more or less a cheating device with his scripts and that stuff, so i have a bad feeling about that...
So i ask myself, if it is possible to get these 2 badges with only using a Xim Apex, even when i am allready Level 280 (which means i get in lobbys with level 500 predator-players)?

2. is here any pro-player (i mean a high-skilled player) who i willi g to coach me in the game? You should not do this for free, i am willing to send some money on that.
I need that, because i feel that i cant progress any more. I watched yt-vids, but it seems that that doesnt helped me...:-)

My language is german, but english is okay for me...
I am xBox - many players sayed, that Apex Legends on XBox is harder that on PS4, so i am happy thatcrossplay will come this year...

Maybe any of you can answer me 1 + 2...


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Re: Apex Legends: 4k Badge & 20-kill Badge? Coaching?
« Reply #1 on: 10:30 AM - 07/24/20 »
Your main problem is that you focus too much on aim, which is not needed to get one of those rare medals. Sure aim helps, but the reason for you why are stuck on 9 kills is your game sense and decision making.
To work on that you will have to make VoD analysis and ask yourself each time you lose a fight "why did you lose" and "what can you make different next time".

A coach can only help you to highlight your faults, which is only a very small part of becoming better.
Also the coaches might focus too much on your xim settings and drop regions, which while being important, is not the reason for why you are stuck with 9 kills.

Here are some things you can do outside of reviewing VoDs:
- memorize the drop-plane route each time you start a new game
- check your minimap regularly, you want to predict choke-points where teams will have to get through to go into the next save zone (you will need the drop-plane route for that)
- optimize your movement, the faster you move the more encounters you will have
- use a mic and manage your team, you want them to follow you not the other way round
- general decision making stuff, such as which target to attack first, when and why to take cover, ...

If you want to pay a coach then id say get one from fiverr with a good rating.
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Re: Apex Legends: 4k Badge & 20-kill Badge? Coaching?
« Reply #2 on: 02:07 PM - 07/24/20 »
Your best chance is killing multiple people off the drop, when people are isolated and no shields.

Don't waste time looting.

Keep moving only take what u need.

If you die, go again. Don't play for the win, treat it like tdm.

Of course you must also use the terain and your smarts as 3 v1 in open ground is death.

You will get there.

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Re: Apex Legends: 4k Badge & 20-kill Badge? Coaching?
« Reply #3 on: 12:41 AM - 07/25/20 »
I wouldn't even waste time doing this type of stuff. Apex is literally dying. You have to queue at certain times just to find a match, and when you can't you have to switch servers to a different region with more active players. You're better off playing the game until you become really good at it. It's bound to happen. However, if you play rocket league and would like some coaching I got you. I would consider myself top 500. I'm in the top 1% of the gamers playing at the highest level of the game. Even though that level keeps getting higher and higher.
The Xim is not a magical tool that is going to make you a god. Time, effort and perseverance is what will take your gaming to the next level.

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