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Modded controller with xim apex  (Read 92 times)

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Modded controller with xim apex
« on: 05:15 AM - 07/20/20 »
it's a year and a half I'm using the xim apex and it's working great for me. I have a medical condition to my hands which prevents me to aim with a controller as well as I used to and aiming with a mouse helps me a lot.

I am not able to fire semi-auto guns at fast speeds though because I can't click fast enough. Since i mainly play Warzone, I find myself having to use semi-auto guns from ground loot/starting pistol/gulag and I'd really like to make a class with the FAL since it's really good now.

I bought a cronusmax plus for the rapid fire function but it didn't work for me since some mods (for example auto jump, which I don't care to use at all) would turn on and off seemingly randomly and I wasn't able to ping enemies while aiming since the keys coincided with the activation of rapid fire.

Hence I decided to buy a controller with rapid fire, which would allow me to turn rapid fire on and off quickly. The rapid fire on the controller conntected to the xim apex works but it doesn't work on my mouse connected to the xim apex. When I hold the fire button on my mouse it only fires one bullet.

Could anyone please help me solve this problem? Trust me when I say that I can only hit the fire button on my mouse 2-3 times a second, which results in a terrible fire rate.

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Re: Modded controller with xim apex
« Reply #1 on: 02:23 PM - 07/23/20 »
Modded controller won't make your mouse button rapid fire.

Only way to auto fire is via a titan 2/Cronus max script or a mouse with onboard memory.

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