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Suggestion for new Firmware feature  (Read 497 times)

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Suggestion for new Firmware feature
« on: 03:03 AM - 07/18/20 »

at the moment, you can trigger an Aux using one button.

I would like to see a possibility to trigger an Aux with 2 buttons.

Example 1: pressing Right mouse and left mouse together (or a+b or whatever) triggers an Aux.
Pressing left mouse alone (or right mouse alone) does nothing.

Example 2: pressing A triggers an Aux, pressing B triggers the same Aux.

Example 3: Joystick-mode of an Aux can only be activated with one button at the moment. To have the possibility to define 2 keys for joystick-mode would be good (joystick-mode should works when pressing A or B (not A+B - i dont need that).

Thats it - would be great if this would be possible in some of the next updates...:-)
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Re: Suggestion for new Firmware feature
« Reply #1 on: 06:12 AM - 07/18/20 »
So not only two activation keys per sub config but also activation conditions such as if one of the two is sufficient to activate the sub config or both?
Same for the turn assist feature which is what you meant with joystick mode, right?
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Re: Suggestion for new Firmware feature
« Reply #2 on: 07:17 AM - 07/18/20 »
Yes, one activation key per aux (that hiw it works at the moment) or two activation keys per aux (must NOT pressed together, each of them work) or two activation keys that must be pressed both to activate the aux (you must press a+b together to activate the sub config).

With joystick-mode, i mean in apex legends for example:
I hold down button A which activated the subconfig for grandes. I hold this botton and the wheel opens where i can select the granade with mouse-movement. Do activade that i can choose the granade with mouse-move, i set the joystick-mode to the same key as the subconfig (a).
I have the same for healing stuff...

In apex legends these subconfigs are totaly identically, only the activation key and the joystick key is different...
So it would be nice if this would only be one subconfig for easier configuration - and i have one subconfig free then.

But the bigger thing is the first thing: make it possible to setup an subconfig that is activated only when 2 buttons together are pressed - that would be great...:)

Edit: with joystick mode i mean Turn Assist
Joystick mode is wrong, what i mean is the Turn Assist function!
Sorry for the confusion! I choose granades or healstuff with the wheel, so turn assist must be triggered by 2 different keys - so i dont need 2 subconfigs. I can do only one for both: heals and granades...

Edit 2:
And when u setup an 2-key aux (both key must be pressed), it should override an one key aux.
Right mouse button normaly triggers the Ads-aux.
But when i setup an aux with right mouse-button+Key A, this aux must be prioritized and overright the ads-aux.
I hope you understand what i mean...

Edit 3
In Apex legends, you have this Wheele for granades, pings and heal-stuff.
At the moment i have 3 aux for that, one for each.
Only difference between them: the activation key and the turn assist-key.
So, for me, it would be good if there is all so an option to specify 3 keys (not only 2) for both (activation and turn assist).
But this is realy only nice to have!

Again: most important thing to me:
- 2 activation keys for aux (option to press one of them or both together to activate the aux)

After that, the rest with turn assist and all that stuff...:-)
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