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[Q/A] PS4 can't rest mode while xim is plugged in. sheath for usb coming off.  (Read 63 times)

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Loving using the xim apex, but for some reason when I have it plugged in my PS4 will not stay in rest mode as if the system is seeing input. This would be fine except the constant plugging and unplugging is causing the USB sheath to come apart exposing the pins, the xim still working sometimes but it disconnects mid game so frequently that it has become unusable. If there is anything that could be done for me I would appreciate it.
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Welcome to the community. APEX asks that you connect it once the console power is on and it's on the home menu. If your APEX is damaged now it can be repaired if you would like. If you're concerned about wearing the connector now or in the future then you may consider using a short extension between APEX and console. The shorter the better so I would recommend close to a 1 FT extension.

To request a repair please use the link below to create a ticket with our store.

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