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Apex Legends Config for Xbox one! (Xim Apex)  (Read 533 times)

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Apex Legends Config for Xbox one! (Xim Apex)
« on: 07:05 AM - 07/13/20 »
Logitech G502 Hero - Lights Disabled
HyperX alloy FPS pro - Lights Disabled
SteelSeries - QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad
12k DPI @1000hz (both)

In game settings:
sensitivity -  7/7 
Response Curve - Classic
Look DZ - Small
Movement DZ - Small
FOV - 94

In-App Config Settings:

Titanfall 2 ST+Xbox One 

Hip Settings:
Sensitivity - 85.00
Sync - Off
Smoothing - 0
Y/X ratio - 1.0
Steady Aim - 0.0
Boost - 0
No curve
SAB - Off

ADS Settings:
Sensitivity - 65.00
Sync - Off
Smoothing - 5
Y/X Ratio - 1.0
Steady Aim - 0.0
Boost - 150
No Curve
SAB - Off

Iíve tried practically every config I could find online. None of them really felt right to me, but your settings are supposed to be what feels best to you. So after many hours of testing every mix of settings I could think of, I finally settled with these. I like the way the hip movement feels on the TF2 ST without adding anything to it. As for the ADS, I lowered the sensitivity in the Xim App and added 5 smoothing to make it stick to targets easier while using fast movements. Then I added 150 boost to make sure Iím able to break into the AA bubble consistently.
My highest damage is 4,281 and hit 20kills

I highly recommend not going over 95 FOV as it causes inconsistencies with aiming IMO.
Most of you wonít like my keybindings, but I use several mouse buttons and my left pinky doesnít move correctly lol

Full Config Code:

>>> XIM APEX [Simple but Effective ] START COPY >>>

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Re: Apex Legends Config for Xbox one! (Xim Apex)
« Reply #1 on: 12:05 PM - 07/13/20 »
Iím kinda a believer in off sync also... everything else I try makes it to hard to get in and out of the bubble.

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Re: Apex Legends Config for Xbox one! (Xim Apex)
« Reply #2 on: 01:27 AM - 08/02/20 »
Thereís almost no config thatís consistent for apex legends, tho their servers/network seems to be improving..
Not a fan of their matchmaking tho, ) itís the first game Iíve played where if youíve got a friend whoís a better player (or like me ALL my friends are better players) squading up with them makes the game way less fun, cos Respawn still seem to be matching based just on  the highest ranked player in ur squad, in casual ffs.

The game seems to match you the fairest when youíre playing with random
PS4, Navi, G502 hero