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[ACTIVE] Issues with new XIM APEX  (Read 94 times)

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[ACTIVE] Issues with new XIM APEX
« on: 06:11 PM - 06/29/20 »
Hey i just got my XIM APEX today and tried following the guide. Its currently not working, as in i didn't get the green lights and nothing thats plugged in (powered with lights) is currently working right now. I tried a different hub that supports 3.0's and i wouldn't think its any of my usb's since they're all basically new products so idk
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Thanks for any help and replies
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Re: Issues with new XIM APEX
« Reply #1 on: 10:33 PM - 06/29/20 »
Welcome to the community.

There's potentially a few problems with your setup. The most obvious is the Wolverine isn't a genuine, first-party Microsoft or Sony controller, so that's most likely the issue. XIM APEX needs a DualShock 4 or Xbox Wireless Controller to authenticate with the PS4 or XB1 console. Third-party controllers do not work.

The next potential problem is Razer gear is very power-hungry, which may cause the XIM to shut down due to the console not meeting power demands of your m&kb. This is less likely, but something to be aware of if a DualShock 4 or Xbox Wireless Controller doesn't resolve your issue.

The third (and most common) issue is a power-only or faulty micro-USB cable from the controller to XIM APEX. The vast majority of USB cables sold on Amazon and eBay don't have data lines, which are required for the controller connected to XIM APEX to communicate with the console, which is required for authentication and thus, for the XIM APEX to work.

Try using a PS4 or XB1 first-party controller as your first troubleshooting step. This thread will help you to work out where the problem lies if problems persist - https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=61565.0

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