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Questions about my future XBox Xim setup  (Read 147 times)

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Questions about my future XBox Xim setup
« on: 06:13 PM - 07/07/20 »
Hello everyone,

I'll first explain my situation and then come to the questions. They might go out of topic but it is also related to me switching to Xim. English is not my native language and I write this on smartphone so please be indulgent.

I play with a controller on XBox and I'd like to switch to mouse and keyboard.
I often thought it was a kind of abuse on multi-player fps but I recently tested my favorite game (Rainbow Six Siege) on a PC and it felt so much better, so I'm considering buying a Xim to feel that on my console. I could switch to PC but I don't want to lose my friends and progress (2000h on R6S for ex), and I also have Game Pass Ultimate until 2022 thanks to Microsoft Rewards. I don't really want to switch to MnK to sweat ranked games, I mean, if possible yes, but mostly for the feeling, and to improve my aim because I've come to a point where I can't get it better than average with a controller and it is frustrating.

So I play on a pretty comfortable couch with headrest, sitting normally or with my legs lying like when you sit in a bed. I'm often "back-sit gaming" and got used to it. And that's quite the problem for a MnK. I'm not that far from the TV though but the wires can still be a problem.

I mostly play fps like Rainbow Six Siege or Battlefield, but also Minecraft, GTA V or solo games.

What I already have :
- XBox One X
- Elite controller V2
- Steelseries Arctis 9X headset
- TV : Sharp LC-49UI7252E (4K HDR LCD 48")
- an old PC with Windows 7, to set up things if needed
- a foldable "bed table" Ikea DJURA bed tray

What I think I will buy :
- Xim Apex
- Logitech G502 Mouse
- Razer Tartarus V2 or similar
- a better foldable "bed table" to put the mouse and "keyboard"
- a better TV but in a year or so, see below

Here are my questions :

About the mouse : is it a good choice? Is it accepted by Xim? I saw it has a pretty good quality for its price. I would go for a wired one

About the Tartarus and the foldable "bed table" : I don't think a full keyboard would be the best choice for me, I need a compact thing and I don't need to write texts. Is it accepted by Xim and what do you think about it? I think I will play on a foldable board where I'll put my mouse pad etc. I tried it on one that I already have (the Ikea DJURA bed tray) but I could upgrade to a better one more suited to this if you have any recommendation

About the Elite V2 : do I HAVE to plug the controller with a wire to the Xim? Or can I keep it wireless? I have the wire but I'd like to know.

About the headset : I cannot plug it with a jack/USB, it is only wireless. Is it possible to use it with Xim?

About my TV : there is not particular Gaming mode with reduced input lag, do you think it will be acceptable with a mouse? It is noticeable with a controller but it's ok. I could go on a desk but I'd also have to buy a new monitor (the TV is obviously not for suited for it, and my old monitor is not plugged in by HDMI). I'd also prefer staying in the living room where I don't feel isolated from my girlfriend and dog (I like to interact with them while playing instead of staying hidden in a "man cave"  ;D ).
By the way, do you have any TV recommendation for the next gen (Xbox Series X) ? I know it needs HDMI 2.1 and a low input lag. I'll buy one probably early 2021 but I can't quite decide between QLED or Oled for example.

About the wires : is there a way to have a longer cable between the USB triple switch and the Xim dongle? Do you have any tip to make it practical? I would like to avoid having tons of cables hanging between me and my console (which is next to the TV).

Thanks a lot for reading and answering to my questions.

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Re: Questions about my future XBox Xim setup
« Reply #1 on: 11:41 AM - 07/08/20 »
I recently tested my favorite game (Rainbow Six Siege) on a PC and it felt so much better, so I'm considering buying a Xim to feel that on my console.

Thanks for your post. One thing I wanted to discuss more specifically is R6S. I wanted to point out that R6S is a game that we mark with a 'U' in our support list (http://xim.tech/games, and http://xim.tech/settings#post_X10A9). Like all games on consoles, they have maximum turn speed limits which is very different than gaming on PC. But, R6S has several other attributes that makes it a lower quality experience (this is due to bad decisions Ubisoft made in designing their aiming system). Despite this, we still support it given the popularity of the game.
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