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[ACTIVE] Alienware 310M green light flash on XIM4 configuration?  (Read 105 times)

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Hey, just bought a new Alienware 310M mouse for my PS4 using my XIM4. While configuring to XIM4 with my wireless USB keyboard the green flashing light went once connected to PS4. The keyboard was connected and it worked using Tom Clancyís Rainbow Six Siege but the new mouse didnít. How can I connect/configure my new mouse to work with my PS4? I donít have a PC I only have an Apple Mac so I canít download software for the mouse. I assume the green flashing light in XIM4 means there is a connection problem.. how do I fix so I can use my mouse with my rainbow six? THANK YOU!!
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Re: Alienware 310M green light flash on XIM4 configuration?
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XIM will breath the color of the active config color, this is red by default but it can be changed in each config. If you see a set of 4 green flashing lights this shows the controller authenticating and your mouse and keyboard should work at that point. If not, it may help to swap the mouse and keyboard connectors at XIM. In some cases it helps to start XIM with only the controller attached then connect the mouse and keyboard later.
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