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XIM with Keyboard / Mouse  (Read 192 times)

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XIM with Keyboard / Mouse
« on: 02:34 AM - 06/16/20 »
Iíve been playing competitive FPS games since before Quake. I played in the CPLs back when they were the only tournaments. I used a XIM3 years ago when I played COD with friends on Xbox because I couldnít use a controller. A few years ago I stopped playing MMOs on PC and switched to console to play with my friends. I had to practice and get better using a controller and after a couple years Iím back to being sweaty.

Competitive players using XIM on console clearly gives them a edge. Iím completely fine with XIM if these players are moved into another lobby or matched with PC players. Xbox with a XIM is exactly that, a less powerful computer.

I am making this post not to complain or add one more XIM post to already popular topic at the moment, but to bring this topic more traction for the devs.

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Re: XIM with Keyboard / Mouse
« Reply #1 on: 11:22 AM - 06/16/20 »
to bring this topic more traction for the devs.

What sort of traction are you looking for?
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