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APEX Legends Ultimate Config List [Config 2 at the moment]  (Read 5649 times)

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Re: APEX Legends Ultimate Config List [Config 2 at the moment]
« Reply #105 on: 03:44 PM - 06/04/20 »
currently i'm trying mjfame's settings, and i gotta say it is very good, i'm lasering ppl with it, but i can't tell which is better his or disable's, gonna test more.

btw i'm using st 4.1 plus the curve is 60 for hip and 76 for ads.

dpi 800 and 1000 polling. 7/7 sens, 20 smoothing, and sync off, so basically mjfame's exact settings.

the only issue i found with mjfame's settings is cqc, it feels loose sometimes, i think that is because it has less aim assist. idk

thank u so much brotha! now i gotta find a pc or laptop so i can change my mice's dpi
What mouse do you have?

currently just g502, its decent with a good sensor, i had gpro wireless but the right mb kept on double clicking. so far no issues with this mouse yet
Ah okay, just making sure your mouse has software to change it. Key note when changing it, I think you get like 5 DPI choices so you can flick through them with out needing the software again. Also If your side mouse buttons don't work with xim, assign them to keyboard keys that you won't use like num_1 or "@" so you can bind them on the xim. Also with Logitech when you save it, make sure you switch the mouse to onboard and save the profile to onboard memory otherwise the saves will only apply to your pc or the pc. You'll know you're on onboard mode because you won't be able to make changes. Hope this helps :)