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(Does ANY Nano Receiver Work?) - Wireless Keyboard + Logitech Wireless Question.  (Read 456 times)

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Quick Question -

Do ANY/Most Nano Receivers work with the XIM Apex? or would I be best sticking with Logitech who I imagine would almost 100% be compatible.

I want a slim/basic wireless keyboard for a temporary solution (I use a decent mouse Zowie EC2-A don't worry) therefore I have found the following with connects via a NANO Receiver - would this or should this work?

The brand/keyboard is ADVENT AKBMM15 Wireless Keyboard.

P.S I also want a Wireless Mouse and missed out on a G Pro Wireless for 99 (It's now back at 130.. GUTTED as I really want this mouse but find it over priced and not about to be ripped off when my EC2-A is just fine atm) therefore looking at the Logitech G305 Lightspeed which I see has issues on the hardware compatibility list but just asking on the off chance that is out of date and any issue have been resolved?

Failing that i'll get a G Pro Wireless eventuality :D

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I use the older G305 sans Lightspeed without any problems.

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