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The Last Of Us Part 2 - Using Uncharted 4 config. (Until Proper Config Release)  (Read 198 times)

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I don't specialize in those things, not even close.
But for now I will give what I'm playing with, Which is enough for me.
And I believe this will be enough for those who want to play right away.
You can play with those settings a little bit until you find something better
Sorry about my english

Lets start with the mouse:

I have the Logitech G502 and I'll show how it is set in my mouse. (I don't specialize in it at all. It's really accidental how i set it)


In XIM manager:

1. I set the HZ also to 250
2. Hip Aim leave it as default (15)
3. ADS you need to set it between 5-10 (It is up to you)
4. On the ADS set the Synchronize to "Common"

The key mapping, i set it like that (you can change it to your liking)
the other image it's a secondary mapping for the special ability to identify people, animals and infected enemies (that ability required to hold the key)

For situation that you need more speed you can make auxiliary with more sensitivity.
one problem for now that i found, is with the slow waking when engaging the clickers. you are required to slightly move the stick (so you'll require to use the controller on that one)

In Game settings: Options > Controls

1. Set the Aiming sensitivity X & Y to 10
2. Set the Look sensitivity X & Y to 10
3. Aim assist set to 0 if you want it the same as PC.
4. Everything else if I remember correctly, Leave them as default.

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