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How to use PS4 controller on pc/laptop via XIM for insane aim assist  (Read 1111 times)

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Hey - so whilst I don't currently have access to my PS4 I have been gaming on the PC but wanted to try use my XIM to 1) keep my configs/sensitivity the same and 2) Still have a little advantage. What I have found is, by using a XIM on PC you get insane aim assist when using KB+M and my accuracy has actually shot up.

The XIM will work fine with an XBOX controller but if you are using a PS4 controller 99% of the time you will not be able to use it so do the following to get it working:

1) Connect your XIM to your pc/laptop using the normal set up - XIM into console/pc/laptop and controller/keyboard/mouse in the correct ports (note you will need an external keyboard if on a laptop)

2) Download https://www.x360ce.com/ (xbox 360 eumulator)

3) Extract the file in the SAME folder as where the game you want to play is then run. There will be an error, click create.

4) Go to "Game Settings" and tick the following boxes: COM, DI, LL, SA, WT, STOP, all 64 bit xinput files, 64 bit dinput file. Click Apply and Synchronise.

5) Go to "Controller 1" tab and map all your bindings (I was lucky and it auto detected everything except options and share buttons which were relatively easy to tweak to my liking)

6) Save and play :)

Please note, I had some small issues with options/share/touch pad bindings because the XBOX controller doesn't have these so I had to make minor adjustments on my XIM manager bindings to get it working. But now it's working perfectly, crazy aim assist that doesn't feel like a bubble and best of all - everyone now thinks your using a controller. So for some games e.g Fornite you will be put in controller only lobbies :) (hoping they do this for Call of duty soon)

Any Qs please ask!
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Great post!

Highly doubt there will be controller-only lobbies on CoD titles. The PC playerbase already suffers as it is, further separation would cause ridiculous wait times once the game was past its peak in terms of the average number of players online.