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Steady aim on xim apex vs xim 4  (Read 248 times)

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Steady aim on xim apex vs xim 4
« on: 11:41 PM - 03/26/20 »
If I wanted to copy someoneís settings from xim 4 and they have steady aim enabled, how much steady would I have to use on my xim apex for it to be exactly like thereís? Like how am I supposed to know?

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Re: Steady aim on xim apex vs xim 4
« Reply #1 on: 11:14 AM - 03/29/20 »
Iím pretty sure it matters on what firmware the Xim4 is on. I know there were multiple versions of Steady Aim for the 4 but I only ever used SA3.

The Apex system for Steady Aim is also different from the 4ís, but the closest feeling to SA3 on the Xim4, at least from personal use is 3.0. I donít imagine it would be too different for the other versions Xim4 SA.

SA1 = 1.0, SA2 = 2.0 etc.

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Re: Steady aim on xim apex vs xim 4
« Reply #2 on: 12:15 PM - 03/29/20 »
In addition to what Kuy wrote above, even if you have the perfect steady aim value to replicate the xim4 steady aim all the other xim apex features will make it feel (slightly) different (1000hz, sync, ...).
You would need to set your xim apex into the "xim4 mode" if you want the very same mouse behavior.

Id recommend to go with your preferred xim apex settings and just play around with the steady aim until it feels good. The XIM4 steady aim builds where just experiments that resulted in the xim apex steady aim feature.
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