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Mouse decision  (Read 166 times)

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Mouse decision
« on: 06:16 AM - 03/25/20 »
Sold all my @#$% to get a car and havenít had a console since anyways Iím debating what mouse to get. I heard that yíall used the g502 to make the profiles I was wondering if that mouse is outdated or not.. I have used the deathadder elite and gpro wired... the deathadder felt like I kept over aiming it felt funny lol but I practiced with both mouse against veteran bots on bo3 4x and gpro came out on top every time...see a lot of really good xim on YouTube using the g502... when I had gpro I would get about 50 kills per game but like 10 deaths lol any recommendation would help Iím super competitive which is why I got the gpro before kuz it had best sensor and pros use it thank you btw price doesnít matter just want the best of the best

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Re: Mouse decision
« Reply #1 on: 07:47 AM - 03/25/20 »
I switch back and forth between my G303 and my G502...  I like the size and weight better on the 303 but having those extra buttons on the mouse is nice, especially for something like Warzone which all I have been playing lately.
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