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Another feature request :-)  (Read 389 times)

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Another feature request :-)
« on: 03:07 AM - 07/20/20 »

There is one more thing i would love to see in an update:

At the moment, you can setup an sense whichs counts for vertical and horizontal aiming.
With xy-ratio, you can separete these two to have a individual value on each of them.

But there is no option to setup an different aim for up and down aiming.

I would love to see a possibility to config, so that my mouse up has more sense then my mouse down...
This can be very helpfull for recoil controll.

Do you think that this is possible?

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Re: Another feature request :-)
« Reply #1 on: 09:25 AM - 07/20/20 »
It would probably completely screw up your muscle memory since you would have different ingame diagonal angles when moving your mouse diagonally up or down. Im not sure if you can get used to it, something like that would need to be tested.

Overall im not sure if its that beneficial since you could just assign an increased XYRatio whenever you are shooting your weapon. So you wouldnt suffer from the XYRatio while aiming. While shooting you will hardly have to correct your aim upwards since you usually keep your crosshair on head level, so you will only need to drag down your mouse while shooting.

Either way it would need to be tested :).
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