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[ACTIVE] Keyboard and mouse light up but aren't working with the XIM?  (Read 59 times)

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When I connect my glorious model O mouse and keyboard to the apex hub the LEDs light up for both, however they do not work on the xbox. When I tried to connect just my mouse and keyboard to my MacBook without the hub or xim apex they work just fine. However my Logitech g pro keyboard and mouse aren't working on my xbox one, the LEDs light up but nothing happens. I have them connected into the right ports. I attempted to just plug the mouse into the xim apex and into my computer, yet it still does not work. I downloaded the latest firmware on my xim apex. On my xbox it shows that the mouse is connected but I can't move it. Am I supposed to download some software for it to work or what? Thanks.
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Welcome to the community. Can you confirm that you can see your mouse and keyboard button presses in Manager? If so, can you hard reboot your Xbox (hold down the power button until it shuts off and turn it back on).
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