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Metro Exodus-Not enough keyboard binds in XIM profile  (Read 88 times)

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I know Metro Exodus already has M&K support without a XIM

But it is a pain to unhook the XIM while going back and forth between games that do not have M&K support

I added a new profile for Metro Exodus and noticed there are a bunch of game binds missing

I am using F1 through F6 for things like Binoculars, Lighter, Night Vision, etc

Here's a list of the binds I use for Metro Exodus
This is way more binds than what comes up in the XIM profile

Is there a way to add new binds to the XIM configs?

Gas Mask   G
Backpack   B
Swap Filter   T
Light/Charger   F1
Lighter   F2
Journal   F3
Medkit   F4
Night Vision   F5
Binoculars   F6
Time   Y
Forward   W
Backward   S
Strafe Left   A
Strafe Right   D
Jump   Space
Sprint   M
Crouch Toggle   C
Weapon 1   1
Weapon 2   2
Weapon 3   3
Fire   LMB
Aim   RMB
Reload   MMB
Throw Secondary   R
Melee Attack   F
Use / Interact   E
Holster   5
Weapons Inventory   Tab

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Re: Metro Exodus-Not enough keyboard binds in XIM profile
« Reply #1 on: 03:51 PM - 02/12/20 »
It is not possible to use PC m/kb bindings in a console game via a XIM.

XIM is restricted to controller bindings and many of them are contextual, e.g Square for Reload and Use, tap Triangle to Swap Weapon, hold Triangle for Heavy Weapon / Sidearm etc, or via the d-pad or weapon wheels.

That said, XIM APEX can be combined with a Titan Two and a custom GPC script to create a control scheme similar to the one you've suggested. Plug the keyboard into the Titan Two instead of XIM APEX and create mods to automatically navigate weapon wheels, or scroll through weapon menus.

I've done this in games like The Division to bind items from the Grenades and Meds menus to F1-F12, and games like Fortnite to select the weapon slot with 1-6.

How well this sort of thing works depends on the game and how easy it is to emulate menu navigation in a mod (the sequence of steps to open a menu, select the item and deploy in-game).

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Re: Metro Exodus-Not enough keyboard binds in XIM profile
« Reply #2 on: 09:36 AM - 02/13/20 »
The game is a Xbox One X game, not a PC game
I don't have any PC games

All the bindings I posted can be accessed via a Xbox controller

Some may be combinations of controller buttons
Open a menu with one controller button and choose a selection with another controller button

Seems to me that XIM should be able to create a sequence of controller buttons to form something like what a macro can do?

Just curious why these binds cannot be duplicated via the XIM?
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