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Button combinations to activate configs and auxiliary profiles  (Read 89 times)

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So it's pretty much common knowledge by now that a lot of Xim users prefer a Sony Nav controller over a keyboard. This in itself presents a problem, though - having designated keys linked to various profiles and configs often isn't practical. Sure, an extra keyboard can be plugged in specifically for the purpose of swapping, but it'd be so much more convenient for the user of Nav controllers to just allow button combinations, I feel.

As an example. I use two configs to play Blackout on Black Ops 4 - I use a general config which I also use for short range fights (I mostly play Alcatraz mode so this is the config I use 95% of the time) but I don't like how that config feels using a scoped weapon for long range fights. There's no settings to change the aim for 2x and 3x scopes, so I use a secondary config that reduces my ADS sensitivity with a different curve, smoothing etc. that I can use so my HIP sensitivity remains the same.

I have square linked to my front mouse button and X linked to the back. Mouse scroll down to change weapon. It'd be so much more convenient if I could, say, hold square (MB front) and change weapon to activate my secondary long range config, then to switch back I hold X (MB back) when switching my weapon back to activate my primary config. It's just not natural for me to fumble around finding the right keys to press without looking as I'm not a keyboard player.

I'm sure others have experienced similar inconveniences to myself where we've had to use work-arounds we're not necessarily comfortable with, and I think it'd be a useful feature for many to be able to activate configs and aux profiles via button combo's instead of a single press.

Thanks for reading!