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Should I reset my xim? Unable to play BFV. (Last post)  (Read 193 times)

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Going to try to explain my issue as best as I can. Xim is working fine for all games except BFV. I looked at the latest in-gams settings, and updated accordingly, but had no luck. Iíve spent at least 24 hours trying to come up with a configuration which is half-decent and is able perform on BFV. Am mentally exhausted and really wish I had a better grasp of what I was doing.

My primary issue is being able to engage in long range combat. Iíve tried adjusting the in-game values such as acceleration, axial deadzones, LT/RT input thresholds, and changing the solider uniform aiming. When I do increase the in-game acceleration to 100% I can consistently fire fire from long-range, but it comes at the expense of my hip/short range fire. Iíve tried decreasing acceleration and adding boost, increasing SAB, messing with sensitivities/dpi, making separate values for ads and hip, changing synchronization, setting acceleration at 50% to account for both hip and ads, and pretty much any imaginable solution you could think of. Basically Iím sacrificing either my hip fire accuracy or my aim down sight. I even tried adding ballistic curves to hip, when acceleration was at 100, and a ballistic curve to ads when acceleration was at 0. Iíve tried other peopleís configurations as well, but feel I need to drag my palm across my desk to be able to accurately land my shots long-range. Part of the issue is the game itself, as the time to kill takes longer than it used to be. Iím sure most of these configurations would have worked fine 2 months ago, but BFV feels like entirely different game now. Not really sure where to go from here. I am mentally worn out from days of working on this, and feel there is really no solution for my problem. Probably the last post I make regarding this problem as Iíve given up at this point.

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Re: Should I reset my xim? Unable to play BFV. (Last post)
« Reply #1 on: 11:03 AM - 02/05/20 »
Welcome to the community. I'm curious what others are seeing with BFV since we normally don't hear about issues on BF games. Has there been updates to the game's aiming system?
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Re: Should I reset my xim? Unable to play BFV. (Last post)
« Reply #2 on: 11:09 AM - 02/05/20 »
Runs as always,no issues.
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Re: Should I reset my xim? Unable to play BFV. (Last post)
« Reply #3 on: 09:27 AM - 02/10/20 »
I agree  , I play a lot
Of bf and right after the update I instantly new something was off , especially with x6 scope , this is what I did and it seems to have fix the issue

Create a new config using the apex legends ST , here's the thing , use the Xbox 1 smart translator , next go to your Bfv in game settings and adjust your solider zoom Senstivity to 85% then set your solder zoom Senstivity anywhere 100% to 125%, next I to advanced options and turn off   aim assist and completly turn off aim assist options , scroll down to your scope zoo.m Senstivitya turn then all down to 75%make, male

Deadzone 13, play around with axial deadzone 15% or what ever feels best for you, 

Now go to your xim manger using the apex legends smart translater go to your hip sub config page and switch your translator below from HiP to ADS translator , trust me aiming way snappier that way , and this is what I did for my config and works well with me is I disable my ads sub config page , you can adjust your ads through in game options tonl your liking , I also play with 74^ FOV and ads FOV set that to off , I I have I have it off f , for close quarter combat I turn ads zoom to ,