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I fried my xim 4  (Read 190 times)

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I fried my xim 4
« on: 04:14 PM - 12/20/19 »
Hi,i broke the mouse port on my xim 4 and got a usb 2.0 hub to plug into the keyboard port so i could bypass the broken port.After 1 hrs playtime the xim 4 stopped working altogether,ive tried different cables but there are no lights coming on at all even when i plug it into my pc.The usb hub had power switches on it which you pressed to make the ports active,i used the hub without a power adaptor which i know isnt recommend.i also mistakenly used a data\charging cable to power the xim4 when it should have been data only.Is it the charging cable or the usb hub which caused the xim4 to die?