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How to get a XIM-like experience with any PC game  (Read 1237 times)

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I've been a fan of the XIM hardware for the past few years, and I now own two XIM4s. It was my first experience pairing analog character movement (via a Playstation Navigation Controller) with mouse aiming, and it made me want a similar experience on PC. Unfortunately, you can't just plug the XIM4 into a PC and have it work the same way. As many of you who have tried may already know, using a PS Nav Controller on PC isn't as simple as it sounds, depending on the game and the marketplace you buy your games from.

Well, I finally got around to figuring out how to get the PS Nav Controller to work with any PC game, and while this isn't specifically a XIM tutorial, I think members of this community will appreciate more than others getting as close as possible to a XIM-like experience on PC. If such a tutorial is against the rules, feel free to delete this post, but I sincerely hope this guide helps people out: