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[ACTIVE] Xbox controller help guys  (Read 297 times)

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[ACTIVE] Xbox controller help guys
« on: 01:09 AM - 11/16/19 »
So idk whatís happening. I had it plugged into usb on elite controller worked normal for about a year up until 2 days ago. Elite controller fell about a foot now projects in thane I cannot get any usb cable to work. Iíve tried 2 other Xbox controllers and just canít get this darn thing to connect anymore. Itís almost like the Xbox usb is flats in ghatkopar super garbage. Either that or I need a new cable. Iíve tried at least 4 of them that Iíve found at house and all it does it make controller vibrate quick but nothing else, wonít even turn on. Any help please real estate advisory firms in mumbai

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Re: Xbox controller help guys
« Reply #1 on: 11:23 AM - 11/16/19 »
Welcome to the community. Can you please hard reboot your Xbox by pressing and holding the power button until it shuts off?
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