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Rainbow 6 Xim apex help  (Read 349 times)

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Rainbow 6 Xim apex help
« on: 08:54 AM - 11/20/19 »
Hey Iím level 240 ish when I was on controller I was bouncing around gold2 - plat 3. Now that I switched to mnk I went down to silver. I feel like my settings are wronf. Can someone hop on PS4 and teach me the ways of the xim?

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Re: Rainbow 6 Xim apex help
« Reply #1 on: 06:24 AM - 11/21/19 »
Congratulations, You now have a real life experience that the Xim  with M/KB doesn't instantly make you a god.
Spread the word to all your friends so we stop the stigma of the xim being classed as a cheating device.

Practice practice practice are the only words needed.  It takes time to learn to use M/KB