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Ultralight 2 at 1000hz 12000dpi = Insanely good  (Read 1164 times)

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Ultralight 2 at 1000hz 12000dpi = Insanely good
« on: 05:50 AM - 10/23/19 »
Just some feedback for anyone who's thinking of getting the UL 2 or any other FM. Using the DM 1 S Software allows you to permanently set the FM to 1000hz and configure your 4 profiles up to 16 000 dpi. After some testing and comparing to the Rival 310, G502, G Pro Wireless, Razer Viper and Mx518 i have come yo the conclusion that the UL 2 at 1000hz and 12 000 dpi is just on another level. 100% Constant 1000hz polling, zero mouse smoothing and no acceleration whatsoever. I've never really been able to run OFF sync without getting stuttering and jitter, but with the UL2 it works flawlessly as compared to the rest of the mice.

Get the UL2, reflash firmware to 1000hz and 12000 dpi > Profit

Excuse my badly written post, currently on a bus during rush hour. Will fix it when i have time.
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Re: Ultralight 2 at 1000hz 12000dpi = Insanely good
« Reply #1 on: 08:44 AM - 10/23/19 »
Show screenshot of 1000hz mouse polling please, have yet to see a mouse hold 1000hz constantly.
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