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Logitech G502 DPI Button Question  (Read 437 times)

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Logitech G502 DPI Button Question
« on: 08:51 AM - 10/10/19 »
Is there a way to change the DPI UP & DOWN buttons on the G502 Mouse to normal buttons?

I have the software installed on my computer, just wondering how I can make the dpi buttons be programme-able buttons... because when I press them at the moment they just change DPI up/down.

Reason I am asking is because I am 1 button short for Ghost recon breakpoint (I am using the Nav controller) .. I want to assign my R3 button as one of my DPI buttons on the mouse but don't know how

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Re: Logitech G502 DPI Button Question
« Reply #1 on: 08:57 AM - 10/10/19 »
What software are you using? The G hub is awful. Hes the older logitech software and turn on on-board memory. Then you can set your DTI palling Then you can set your pdi, Polling rate, And change the mouse buttons