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Problems installing SA3 on mac  (Read 147 times)

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Problems installing SA3 on mac
« on: 11:57 AM - 09/25/19 »
Hello :)

I read a thread on this forum regarding the best apex legends setup, and several people mentioned that you should install the SA3 firmware.

However, when i download it, and try to run it i get an error saying the mac isnt connected to xim4.

I do hold "p" down before i plug in the xim, and the light is steady blue. Still i get the error.

So my question is, has anyone experienced this aswell? Wich flash tool must i download in order to get SA3 working?

Thanks :)

I can easily run apex on the latest updates, but i feel that the aim assist isnt there at all in my apex legends games say compared to my recent MW games.

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Re: Problems installing SA3 on mac
« Reply #1 on: 02:21 PM - 09/25/19 »
I think you need to use a window pc as the file is an .exe but i could be wrong