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Razer basilisk quality  (Read 98 times)

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Razer basilisk quality
« on: 08:09 AM - 09/20/19 »
Iím just gonna throw this out there, cos I wish Iíd know earlier...
I got a basilisk cos it IS more  comfortable, in my hand.  I like it has a few extra buttons that my Logitech402S, and I like the higher on board storage it has,  as well as a button for cycling through profiles which is very handy, and I donít mind the config software.

BUT running it at a 1k poll speed is just not useable. Testing it gives a marginally lower rate than the 402s, but in an actual game you can pretty much forget it, whether youíre at 800dpi or the 16000 it goes up to.
And Iíve come to feel poll speed is more  important than DPI ( which might just be my opinion?)

Sigh. If only there was a way to fit a high end sensor into my MX revolution..
If you believe it gives you an edge, then it does.
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