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Xim Apex sensitivity - too fast hands?!  (Read 133 times)

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Xim Apex sensitivity - too fast hands?!
« on: 05:47 AM - 09/11/19 »

Ive been using the Xim apex for a while now and i really love it.

But theres been one problem that has been annoying me for the past weeks. I dont know if its suppose to do what it does or not, or even if there is a fix or a setting for it.

So here´s the problem:
Well when im playing cod bo4 (or any other games), there sometimes is someone right behind me. When im turning my mouse (really fast to kill him) to aim towards the player, it just doesent do it, but when im doing it a little slower, it works nice. I dont know if im turning my mouse too fast for the xim to register or not.

Please help :)

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Re: Xim Apex sensitivity - too fast hands?!
« Reply #1 on: 07:35 PM - 09/11/19 »
You are exceeding the games turn speed Iimit. You shouId Iower your sens and/or Iearn to move hand sIower.